West of Elm

After a sofa debacle with our friends at West Elm, I was somewhat dubious to make another big purchase, but I was lured by a 15% off area rug sale.  After someone had a little accident on our natural fiber (hence uncleanable) bedroom rug, we had to find a replacement.  We bought an Ikea rug, but it's not big enough, so I've been hoping to find a new one on the cheap.  Not free, but on sale, we picked out a light grey jute rug for only $237 for the 8'x10' size. Not bad.

I was also in their Portland store and found a delightful little plant display.  Why not sell cute pots and the plants to go in them.  Evil genius!  Looks like they're also doing small pop-up shop events.  Alas, I live in Southern California so I couldn't attend, but it sounded worthwhile...

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