What the what?

You're probably wondering (probably not, actually) what in the world I've been up to for the last 100 years of non-blogging.  I wish I could tell you that I had the adventure of a lifetime, but it's actually some fairly mundane stuff.

The best of the best of the last 7 weeks:

1) A three week work trip (11 cities, 14 days)
2) A dastardly sales meeting
3) The best "mother's day" gift a girl could ask for!
4) Food poisoning

Ok, number three deserves explanation and NO!!! I am not pregnant; It really was food poisoning, not morning sickness.

Olive, our pup, is our kid.  Our first born.  The love of our lives (besides each other, of course). I know, I know - if we have kids, we'll look back on these statements like crazy talk, but I don't actually believe that for us. She is an EXCEPTIONALLY high energy dog (half Border Collie, half Labrador), so we spend a lot of time getting her enough exercise.  Weekends consist of a visit to the dog park for at least an hour, taking her to farmer's marketing, and afternoon of ball throwing and swimming at the beach or a 5 - 6 mile trail run and then a bath.  It's a lot, so we're very invested, and we spend a lot of time with her, making sure she has everything (the fun, adventure, exercise, and at the end of the day, snuggles) she needs.

Rush knows I'm totally gaga for our girl, so he and Olive decided to give me/her an "instinct test" for mother's day?  What's an instinct test?  She's half Border Collie, so the point is to find out how much she might inherently know about herding. We took her to a ranch down in Malibu and sent her into the ring with 6 sheep! You would never believe how much fun I had just watching; and boy, the girl can herd!

Since then, we signed her up for a set of herding classes, and she and Rush are doing so well!  Last weekend, they had a kind of breakthrough and started really herding and working on commands. I tell ya, it is the darndest thing!

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