Oy.  Oy.  Oy.  And not in a good way.  Because we were outside the delivery area, we elected to rent a truck, drive down to Santa Monica and pick up our new couch.  Things started to go awry when the truck rental place called to inform me that we needed to pick up the truck a full hour earlier than planned.  I quickly changed our reservation to a closer location, and we left a half hour earlier than scheduled.  We made it the 60 or so miles without incident ducking in and out of the crazy marine cloud layer thru Malibu into Santa Monica.  We navigated our way to the back alley loading space (sounds sketchy, right? not so much - I mean, it was West Elm afterall) only to have the trouble begin.  A man and a woman were loading large packages into a Prius when people behind us started honking.  They rushed, and when they attempted to leave, the guy crashed the Prius (in reverse) into a yellow pole.  He then went a little nuts and got out and started screaming at everyone.  We pull up with our ENORMO rental truck and wait while some other woman gets something loaded.  Our turn!  They load our right loveseat, our corner, and... and...  Yeah, that was it.  When I called to make sure all the pieces arrived in the morning, and I was assured they had, it turns out they hadn't.  So we made our way back with 2/3's of a sofa and a promise that they'll deliver the rest.  They better!  I'm not doing that again.  Fo' sho'. 

Light on Highway 1 in Malibu

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