Puppy Love

I am an unapologetic and sometimes crazed dog lover. Big and small (ok, mostly big but anything over 25lbs usually gets my attention), I love them all.  Which is why it was a little bit (ok, a lot) disturbing when I found out yesterday that I'm allergic to dogs.  And grass.  And dogs who roll in the grass.  So my Sunday was pretty much just that - playing with the pup, brushing her, watching her roll in the grass, and then brushing, playing and snuggling s'more.  Whoops.  Anyway, Olive is safe because there's no chance we'd ever get rid of her.  And she has promised to try to limit the dander. 

p.s. I love the Daily Puppy website.  There's also an iPhone app.  A new pup everyday is definitely worth $.99 to me. 

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