One of the perks of my job is that vendors often gift me items they would like me to try (and then carry in my stores). It's pretty rare that this works, and I'm very upfront about how likely a possibility it is, but they're often generous just the same. 

The guys at Salt. (yes, salt, period) came to chat and gave me these awesome glasses that I likely would not have purchased on my own due to their price tag.  That said, I love them.  I love their enormity and the fact that the lense tint isn't super dark but still protects my eyes.  I beyond love the color (a very androgonous army-type green).  I brought them to Hawaii and wore them all vacation long and have been wearing them nearly every day since. 

I'm convinced they're worth the cold hard cash money. 

Salt. Cambria in Ashford Green

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