Weekend Wrap

I had no plans for the weekend but managed to fill it just the same.  Lots of dog park and mundane tasks, but I did a bunch of cooking and a bit of DIY.

In cleaning up the yard, I decided to pull out two decrepit rose bushes next to the driveway.  Don't get me wrong, roses are fine.  But ours always had problems (bug infestations, some kind of mold), and they were just not right.  So I pulled 'em out on a whim and planted a couple dwarf lime trees.  G&T's with homegrown fruit, here we come!

I had seen some cute lockets out there, and was feeling a little gun shy about spending the $, so I went thru my drawer and found an old locket.  I think it was a birthday gift from when I was ten (and why I still have it is a bit of a mystery).  It had this unfortunate etched scroll pattern on it, so I got the idea to "paint" it with nail polish.  I used three coats and a top coat.  Scrolly pattern gone, and now I have a brand new necklace!

I cooked a bunch too... Made these amazing cookies from my friend's recipe and a 2nd attempt at the Bon Appetit cover recipe from Jan 13.  Try it and use the best meat you can afford.  It's worth it.

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