Santa Claus was kind to me...

I'm a lucky girl.  I got all that I asked for and lots lots more.

First up on my wish list:
Imperia Pasta Maker

 Never having used this machine before (or any pasta maker, actually), we of course decided to host dinner for 15 with homemade pasta as the entree.  We'll never learn.  It was actually quite easy - as long as the dough was nice and pliable but not too sticky.  Looking forward to LOTS of experimentation.

Next up on my "I didn't know I wanted it and now can't imagine my life without it" list:

iPad Mini

She's lovely.  I love her.  Dearly.  I know that's dramatic, considering that I didn't even know I wanted her, but I barely put her down after I opened the box.  I like my iPhone.  I love my Mini.

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