I changed the locks on ya!

The husb went on a mini surf trip with his buddies this weekend and left me and Olive home alone.  As usual, I went a little nuts with the projects.  

This one was PARTICULARLY satisfying.  Since we bought the house, we've had these ridiculously cheesy gold tone doorknobs in front and back. They were chintzy and gaudy and the key didn't really even work for the back door which was particularly annoying. For some reason, I got it in my head at about 2pm Sunday that it was time to make a change.  Once on Lowes.com, I picked out new hardware that could be set to use the same key and then headed to the store.  Once I found the sets for the front door with deadbolt and backdoor with keyed entry, I took them to the key desk where the customer service guy helped me set up 'em up to use the same key. What a novel idea! Being able to open all our doors with a key! The same key!

Back at home, it took me no more than 45 minutes to install the new knobs and deadbolt. I think I may have a future as a locksmith...  Anyway, the result is so satisfying that I cannot figure out why it took me three years of living with the ugly ones to figure out a solution.  Now, I can't stop staring at the doorknobs.  Seriously.  



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