I'm that guy...

You know the guy in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the dad who sprays Windex on everything because he thinks it fixes everything?  I'm that guy.  Except in my world, it's vinegar.  Plain old white vinegar.

Our water is exceptionally hard.  The water heater lives outside in a special metal cabinet, and we have no place to put a water softener without building a new cabinet --- not something we feel like taking on.  Along the way, I discovered what an incredible cleaner white vinegar is, so I buy it by the gallon+ (thanks Costco!) to descale shower doors, the crud around faucets, windows even. Its uses seemed endless...

I dropped off my Mom's sewing machine at the repair shop and am relying on my old machine as back up for the sewing class I'm taking.  As it happens, I use the same bobbin case in both machines, so I had to pull out a back up.  I put it in the old Brother and it started SQUEEEEEELING.  I practically took the machine apart looking for the source only to decide that it was the bobbin case.  A little rusty, it looked pretty much perfect, but I decided to give it a cleaning.  Spray, spray with the vinegar and a little bit of scrubbing and whaddya know?  No more squeeling.  

Vinegar fixes everything.

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