My, my what big brisket you have...

Passover began on Friday, so I hosted world's least Jewish Passover seder.  I was the only Jew in attendance which brought on some hilarity.  Trying to explain everything from the roots of antisemitism to the contents of a proper matzah ball. Had I known how I would get grilled, I may have drunk less wine (or maybe more!). 

I made some proper Passover favorites including a sweet brisket and matzah ball soup.  The brisket recipe is long standing family tradition.  In my little recipe book, I re-wrote the recipe from my Mom.  I have NO IDEA who Marie Hardert is, but I salute you wherever you are.  Thanks for the brisket recipe!

Marie Hardert's Beef Brisket:
4+lb cut of brisket relatively well trimmed
Lawry's season salt
Onion and/or garlic powder

Instructions (and boy are they vague!):
Season brisket with Lawry's, onion/garlic powder, salt, pepper.  Place flat side (non-fat) up and cook at 425 for 45 minutes without lid.  Remove brisket from pan and add 1 cup of ketchup and a bottle of Coke.  Place brisket and accumulated juices back in the pan.  Cover and cook for 2 hours.  Remove from oven and let cool.  Skim fat off liquid and cook for another 1.5 hours.  Cool and reheat to serve.  Should be made ahead!

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  1. you must be so talented to make all these dishes!