Long Weekend

So nice to have an extra day.  One of Rush's college buddies came to town, and we packed the weekend full of Southern California goodness.  It was wildly windy Saturday and Sunday, but we still managed to have a bbq at our place complete with a roaring fire in the little pit.  I made fried chicken, potato salad (Rush's mom's recipe) and a few other sides.  I fried the chicken beforehand and just popped it in the oven on low about a half hour before we ate.  Because the battering for this chicken gets it sooooooo crispy, it can handle sitting around for an hour or so.  And because I finally got smart, I used two large pots (our Le Creuset dutch oven is the best because it gets hot and stays hot) instead of just one, the whole things took half the time.  Duh.  

Anyway, it was a great evening, and I'm pretty sure everyone was well fed and well watered by the end of the evening!

twinkle lights in the backyard

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