Found it! I thought...

So I realized I feel like I am living in a boy's bedroom.  We had an orange/white moroccan inspired (though not all that inspired since it was Pottery Barn afterall) duvet which I liked, but it was too much for Rush.  Too much color or busy-ness, I think.  Anyway, I caved and we bought a navy/white duvet from Ikea:

But I don't like it, so I have wasted many an hour (or day) looking for our next duvet.  And I found it and at a killer price for a duvet!

I showed it to Rush, and he doesn't like it.  Colors (what colors?!  it's grey and white) are ok for him, but he doesn't like the big zig zag.  I told him we're going to have to compromise because while I'm not a girly-girl, I occasionally need something with a little more pizzaz than what he would probably choose.  So back to the drawing board, or rather, the web for more inspiration...

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