Outdoor Drinkin'

Since it seems we've kicked off the bbq season, and my friends like to enjoy a bevy or two outside, I thought it was time to invest in some outdoor glasses.  When we bbq, I like to use real plates, glasses, etc except when the crowd is so big that I simply don't have enough.  Our crew drinks quite a bit of beer, but the ladies like a glass of wine or two especially if it's a little chilly and we're lighting a fire.  We have some lovely Reidel stemless glasses, but I don't love using them outside for a party.  Too many variables.  So we were in CB2 down in Santa Monica last weekend, and I found these

They're nice and thin (probably a little breakable) but their bases are completely flat, so they'll be less likely to totter off the table.  I bought the shortest/stubbiest size.  They're brilliant at less than $2/glass plus they're very stackable, so they're perfect for picnic/party use and storage otherwise.  Yay! 

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