Simple Pleasures

My husband likes to cook and I don't give him enough credit for it - nor do I give him enough time to practice.  Last night, I asked if he would like to cook or get takeout, and he stepped up to the plate.  Literally.  One of the hardest things for me is to look at what's in the house and come up with a great meal without running to the grocery store for one (or all) of the ingredients that I need.  Rush made a beautiful meal using some of our CSA ingredients and other stuff just found in the fridge/cabinet.  The main was dill chicken paillards with tomato-dill relish, kale/chard sauteed with garlic, a bit of red pepper, and parm, and some boxed saffron israeli couscous from Fresh and Easy.  And boy is it easy.  Anyway, it was a GORGEOUS meal, and all the better since I didn't cook it!

The other adorable thing is that Rush actually asked for an iPad for Christmas from his parents, in part, because he thought it would be useful for me to look up recipes in the kitchen...probably so I would stop getting flour in his laptop keyboard.  Here it is, demonstrating its usefulness!

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