Homemade Hamburger Helper

My darling (and fairly gourmet) husband admitted in a moment of weakness that he used to eat (and love) hamburger helper.  That was until a friend of his explained that it was full of chemicals and preservatives and that he really shouldn't eat it.

Several years later, I found this recipe that we've been calling homemade hamburger helper ever since.  I love it because I love anything with great northern/cannellini beans, and Rush just loves it without a reason.  

I don't do the whole roasted head of garlic bit because I don't have the time.  I'll just throw the garlic and shallots (or a bit of red onion like last night because I ran out and forgot to buy more shallots) when I'm browning the meat.  Also, I sometimes use spicy/hot Italian sausage (and then omit the red pepper) or bratwurst (because it has great flavor).  Anyway, it's simple, pretty fast, and it makes Rush giggle like a 6 year old getting his favorite meal on a day other than his birthday.  That, my friends, is reason enough to try it!

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