Soupe a l'Oignon

We got home yesterday mid-morning, and I decided to stay home to finish up some work that I find hard to get done in the office.  There was little in the house, but I did have 3 good sized onions, so I decided to try my hand at French Onion Soup a la Smitten Kitchen.  Her adaptation is great, and I was completely blown away by the flavor in the dish despite the fact that it's so simple.  My onions were white and yellow, and I used my homemade lamb stock and some canned chicken stock (not broth).  The results were delicious.

Was just running thru some of my favorite blogs and came across this in Emma's Design Blog.  Apparently it's in the Hotel Chateau Bethlehem in the Netherlands.  I just love it - probably because I love that it looks dip-dyed, and I could totally make it.  If we had a rustic cabin in the woods, this cabinet and bunk would be just the thing...

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