We went to Canada to go skiing and got some amazing turns in while we were there. The other bit was that we were constantly remarking on how nice the Canadians were.  I guess it's truly not a stereotype.  On our way over a snowy mountain pass, we stopped to help a motorist who was off the road with just tennis shoes and no cell phone, and in conversation, he found out we were American.  He was so surprised we stopped which was a little insulting, but perhaps we changed one guy's mind that all Americans are self serving.

Haven't done much besides cook since we got back.  My friend who was past her due date when we left gave birth to her darling daughter, so I made them some dinner.  Nothing too fancy, but I finally figured out the secret to frying tofu: HEAT.  Anything less than really, really hot makes it stick and fall apart. 

And I bought these.  The color is this super brilliant orange that makes me feel joyful.  Seriously.

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