Since we bought our house, I've been dreaming of growing something.  And yes, while I've been growing herbs in containers near the back door for several years, I wanted to put something in the ground.  The challenge is that our soil is basically clay...i.e. it's terrible.  This weekend, with some help from Rush, I moved a bunch of the clay to our sideyard and mixed in some good ol' garden soil from a bag.  Well, actually, 16 bags.  I also decided that it was probably a good idea to start from seedling rather than from seeds - seeing as how this is my first try.  Moreover, the plot we're using doesn't get enough sun, so starting from seed could be impossible. 

We're trying:
Green Peppers 
Serrano Peppers

Also, I re-mulched the entire yard because we had some thin spots.  And at the last minute (Sunday, 6:30pm), I made one (of a future kitchen-full) drawer divider, inspired by Ana White and her wooden drawer organizers.  My drawer is narrow, so I used 1/2" wood.  It's made me very happy already.  I'll obviously repeate where needed in my other drawers!

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