Prezident's Weekend

What a difference a weekend makes.  There is something just incredible about staying home while most everyone else is traveling.  We had a lovely weekend filled with the bike rides, the beach, puppy time, cooking, and crafting.  So much fun that I want a do-over!

First thing's first.  For anyone who may stumble upon this, you have to check out the Ventura Meat Company in Ventura, CA.  We've been a couple times now, including this weekend when we picked up some rib eye and some bacon - both of which were the best I've had.  Serious.  Like a heart attack.  Which I'll probably have because I consumed both this weekend.

Next up, we celebrated a friend's 40th.  I made her a bit of a gag gift (a serious gift with the root being a joke) of a black and white gingham apron.  Rush wanted to make her a loaf of bread, so I sewed up a matching bag for the bread...thanks to Say Yes to Hoboken for the tutorial!

Bread and home-sewn bread bag


  1. But, but, wait, where's the APRON tutorial?!!?!!

  2. I bought a cheapy pattern (I think it was $1.50) from Joann's. I'll check the brand/pattern number and report back!