Madames et Monsiuers...

The French have arrived!  Or rather, one ex-pat and her friends: the grand madame Julia Child.  My sweet husband gave me the original Mastering the Art of French Cooking box set for valentine's day.  Last night, we experimented with some stuffed tomatoes and steak with anchovy butter.  And finally, I made banana tartes tatin.  The recipe has to be the EASIEST dessert ever, and it looks and tastes impressive. 

This morning, Rush left for a local work trip very early, and I decided to test out a little oeuf mollets.  It's basically a soft boiled egg, but the directions are flawless.

I'm paraphrasing here:

Gently lower an egg into boiling water
Boil for 7 minutes (for a large egg, about 1 minute more for each addition size up)
Drain off water and let sit in cold water until ready to eat
Peel off shell under faucet

When I cut into my egg to put it on toast, it was perfection...

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