Get Quiet

It's been a big couple weeks.  Between work travel, the pending holidays, and some profound losses, I'm feeling....Well, I can tell you what I'm not feeling.  I don't feel like me.  I feel tired and sad and ready for a long, quiet break where I talk little and craft much. 

Being Jewish, I have spent many Christmas Eve's and Christmas Day's enjoying the quiet in a deserted city with just my sewing machine, some rented movies, and a bowl of homemade chili. Whenever some sweet soul would offer me a place to enjoy the holiday with their friends or family, I would politely decline as I loved the one day of the year when no one was available, there were no errands to run, and I was forced to get quiet and take stock.  

Now that I'm married to a man who is not Jewish, I've lost my special, private Christmas.  And I miss it.  So I'm taking moments rather than days to find the quiet.  Like this one at the beach this weekend:

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