I always get to Monday morning and am at a loss for where the weekend went.   A few projects completed or half completed.

With the new couch came the need for some new pillows.  I ordered the fabric from fabric.com, and when it arrived, I had received 2.5 yards of one and two half yards of the other.  Whoops.  So they're re-shipping my second 2.5 yard cut.  I picked up some really nice pillow forms at Joann's (not available online) and they were 50% off, so yay!  I made some simple envelope pillows and tossed 'em on the couch.  Done.  Or rather, half done.

Sunday was a blur. We cruised up to Santa Barbara for lunch with one of Rush's college buddies and then fought traffic all the way home. I bought this top, but I'm a shirttail hem kinda girl, so I did a little hack.  

Patagonia - W's Fjord Flannel

Shirttail Hem
I managed to whip up a good dinner.  A little faux Korean kalbi, kimchi, and kimchi cukes.  
Kimchi Cukes

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