so many projects, so little time

On Friday, I start to get the itch.  What will this weekend hold?  What can I accomplish?!  For my birthday (late October), I've already asked Rush to paint the bathroom.  Not a huge request because the room is about 8 feet by 4/5 feet.  It's tiny.  So rather than stop there, I tacked on the kitchen to my birthday painting request.  This is a bit bigger deal.  We're not planning to paint this weekend, but my birthday wish will apparently be granted because I was encouraged to pick my colors, so off to the paint chip racks I go.   

I have some trips coming up for a rustic wedding party (not a wedding - just the party) and a Vegas bachelorette weekend, and I've spent a few hours shopping for the appropriate attire because my closet tends to lean a bit more J. Crew bright semi-formal cocktail dresses than anything on either end of the spectrum.  However, all I want to do is work on the house.  

Some things I'm liking this week:

Extension table - goes from 55" to 73"

Rush would kill me.  I think he's allergic to chevron.

Extra seating for parties

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