Cruel, cruel world

One of my dearest friends in the world found out that her son, at age 20 months, has cancer.  The heartbreak alone is impossible to imagine.  Watching your little one go thru chemo and lose his baby hair is impossible to imagine.  Mounting hospital bills are easily imaginable.  So what do I do in a crisis?  I bake.  I baked for two straight days in order to drum up donations for my friend and her family.  With multiple burns on my arms, I delivered 15 lbs of party mix, 14 dozen chocolate chip cookies, and 4 dozen brownies to my friends and colleagues.  I am forever in their debt for their generosity.

I used the baking twine that I bought up in Seattle a few months ago and found some really cute red/white striped wax paper at Michael's to separate the brownies and keep them from sticking.  Finally, I used a stamp kit from staples to make the little thank you notecard on craft paper

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