Let there be light!

This is one of the projects that I did for our house.  There was a fairly hideous (or maybe just really boring) light fixture in the dining area, and we decided to get a new one.  This is what we picked:

Price was right ($29.99!!!), and we liked how big it was.  However, we felt like our house was getting too silvery (i.e. too much stainless steel), so we were a little nervous about adding another large silver object.  However, I managed to tone it down with a little hot glue and some $.17/foot twine-looking rope from Lowes.  Now, we love it.  Plus, I installed a dimmer (all by myself!) which makes the dining area even more lovely.

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  1. saw you post a comment on another blog and you said you were in Ventura and I'm in SB. Love the small world of blogging!