A tribute to the best man I know..

So I got myself all mixed up with the holiday weekend and somehow managed to miss the fact that I'm having 10 girlfriends over for dinner tonight.  Last night was a mad scramble of grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning.  Thank goodness for my amazing husband who pitched in by mowing the lawn, moving furniture, vacuuming and dusting the whole house and cleaning the bathroom from top to bottom.  In the midst of all of the activity, both of his younger brothers called and unknowingly rubbed his nose in the sand.

The youngest, Christian, is a finalist for an incredible opportunity that would pretty much set up his career and his life for a new order of success.  He wanted interview advice and he turned to his big brother.  Trevor, next closest to Rush in age, is off to Uganda today to kayak the nile and capture an incredible human interest story that will also, we hope, springboard his career.  And poor Rush was at home helping me clean for a baby shower.  He didn't complain.  He didn't whine.  He didn't have a single "woe is me" moment.  What a good man.  Couldn't love him any more...

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