Prez Day Weekend

It was a long weekend for us, so we took advantage. Lots of play and no time at home actually makes me cranky, so it was good to be home.  However, it may have been a little too lacking in play, so the husb wasn't as happy as yours truly.  BUT I fed him well!

Which came first?  The chicken or the egg?  ; )

Chicken in the oven.  Turned out pretty delicious, and I used the carcass (yucky word) to make stock while I was running around doing a million other things.
Potato pancakes with eggs, cheese, tomato in a proscuitto cup.  R ate his so fast and then told me I forgot to give him one.

And I made a table and bench.  Yep, crappy iPhone pic, but we ate dinner on it Saturday night with the firepit going next to us.  It was awesome.  


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