water, water everywhere...

...and not a drop to drink!

So I'm nursing. And anyone who has ever nursed a baby knows that it's basically a full time job. Sometimes, I don't even know when one session has ended and another has begun because it seems endless. And anyone who has ever nursed a baby knows that terrible thirst that sets in riiiiiiight after the baby gets a good latch! Seriously, I look over and see my glass of water just a little bit too far out of my reach. SO FRUSTRATING!

So I've been on the quest to find the perfect water bottle for nursing. My criteria:

- the right capacity.  Too small, and I can chug the whole thing.  Too large, and I don't want to carry it with me when I leave the house.

- leakproof! I need to keep it on the sofa or bed next to me and not rely on a side table since the baby may be nursing on the side opposite the table, etc.

- one-handed opening. One hand is helping baby while the other is free for vital things like playing on my iPhone or drinking water.

- no straw.  I can't chug from a straw. Can you?

For a while, I used a bike bottle, but it wasn't perfect. It's kinda noisy to drink from, and if you have an almost sleeping baby, you will not be psyched about waking them! It also made it hard to chug, as I'm prone to do when I'm trying to drink about 1,000 cups of water a day and when I'm super thirsty.

So I finally found "it", and I beg you to buy the same one for any nursing mom you know.  The one thing I don't like is that it's plastic, but if it was glass, it would be too heavy to tote around in the diaper bag, and I'm not sure if it would work in stainless steel.  But anyway.  DRUMROLL PLEASE.....

The Contigo Jackson Water Bottle in the 24oz. size!


This bottle has it all.  An easy, one handed opening; it's leakproof; you can take the whole top off and fill with ice, if you like.  

Best money I've spent on nursing gear so far!

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