Stuffed Olive

Our oldest pup's name is Olive, and she is awesome.  I love her to the ends of the earth and back, and that's what I tell her every night when I tuck her in.  If only I were kidding...

Christmas Card - before adopting Buck

Anyway, Olive has a sensitive system and suffered a bout of pancreatitis back in October.  Thankfully, she completely recovered from this life-threatening condition, but it made us more aware than ever that she needs to be on a super low fat diet.

After some research (ok, LOTS), we do a diet of homemade chicken/rice/carrots/vitamins and Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Fish and Sweet Potato. She seems to be able to tolerate the diet well (based on her appetite, weight, and stool - yes, I went there).  Her dry skin cleared up, and her weight is stable. 

The extra vitamins I mix into the homemade food come from a powder formula called Balance IT Canine. Pricey?  Yes, but I think it makes up for the lack of some of the stuff she would get if she was eating more dog food and less homemade.

Do you love your pup?  How far have you (or would you go) to keep him/her healthy?

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