Lo Siento

Lo siento for my absence.  We had a ridiculously long overdue vacation in Mexico.  Of course, preparing to go on vaca is a ton of work (work work and housework since we get a dog sitter to stay over), but I'm not complaining.

Just before I left, I ordered a new pair of clog boots.  I've been a little obsessed with the idea of clog boots for a few months.  First, I have a pair of cute clogs that are so comfortable that I couldn't help but hope the boots would be too.  Second, they give me a few very comfy extra inches of height.  Third, they're a perfect choice to throw on with any outfit. 

Michelle Williams in clog boots VIA

My regular clogs are from an amazing American company called Sven Clogs.  They have the best customer service, and all the orders are custom.  Choose your base, your color, and any trim.  Because my feet are so small, I ordered the kids size 34 in the Children's Boot with Strap (9112-S) in the color Fudge.  You can even order samples of up to 5 different leathers from Sven for free.  I found a coupon on their Facebook page and ended up getting $30 off.  Yay!

Well, the boots have arrived and I adore them.  On the first wear, I immediately started getting compliments (literally, the first stranger who saw me commented and then the first two colleagues at work).  I must be on to something...

New boots - Olive decided she wanted to be in the picture too... Woof.

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