Staples' staples...

Every once in a while, I like to take a trip to the local office supply store.  You never know what cool little item they've cooked up unless you browse the shop.  My favorites from Staples below!

Brass is having its moment in all things design.  Now you can bring it on thru to the office and the endless piles of paper.  I couldn't find them on the Staples website, so they may be in-store only...

I have a thing for clocks.  I'll probably be known as the crazy clock lady when I get older.  Or like next week.  Again, couldn't find a link, but they've got some other good ones online.  I think this one was $19.99.

Cute little bunting invitations.  Yeah, bunting has been done, but I'm okay doing it again.  And again.

Martha has a great line at Staples.  I'm not sure how long it's been in store, but it's smart and inexpensive.  I liked the chalkboard decals.  Pinterest is filled with chalkboard hacks, but these are so cute and inexpensive, so I would save my creative energies for something else.  Looks like they're not available online, but they do have cute dry erase decals too.

Waterproof tags (these came home with me)...

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