Hob Knob

When we bought our house, the flippers had installed (kind of sloppily, I might add) some kitchen cabinets that I DO NOT love.  I'm 4'10" small (that's 58" for those of you that don't like math), and they intalled the counters at 37.5".  That's not even normal!  So if you do that math (ok, I'll do it), my head hovers a mere, 20.5" above the counter top.  Take into consideration that my shoulders are lower than the top of my head and you start to get the picture.  I want them replaced not only because they were sloppily stained/installed but because it's actually uncomfortable for me to work in the kitchen.  And I do 99.9% of the cooking.

Anyway, I've been living with it because we've had other money-sucking projects like a new main line (unexpected but necessary) and a new roof.  However, and this is where it gets embarrassing, the flippers didn't install knobs on the cabinets, and we've just been living with it.  Annoying.

So with no kitchen reno in sight, I think it's time I bite the bullet and get some knobs.  Even if they're just temporary until we do fix the kitchen.

Here's a little knob round-up:

 L - R 

1                   2                   3                   4                   5                   6       

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