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Feeling a little sorry for myself.  A few years ago, I tore the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL).  After an exceptionally painful surgery and recovery, I was almost back to normal.  Last weekend, we went skiing with friends in Mammoth, and I re-tore my ACL.  So more surgery.

So we had a pretty quiet Presidents' day weekend with A LOT of cooking.  The menu was pretty sensational...

Atlantic lobster, steamed
Clarified butter
Rice Pilaf
Sauteed greens with garlic and bacon

Baby back ribs, dry rubbed
Homemade bbq sauce
Mother in Law's potato salad
Leftover greens

Rush's homemade sausages
Green salad
Leftover potato salad
Homemade Raspberry Hand Pies 

I'll post some recipes, but the take home of the weekend is that homemade ribs are delicious with a little prep.  I dry rubbed them the day before and then cooked them in the oven and finished them on the grill.  Totally worth the effort!

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