a 19 hour day...

Saturday turned out to be a 19 hour day in the Clark household.  After an early morning 6 mile run, we started prepping to have friends over for a movie night on the lawn.  I did a super simple menu (green salad, potato salad, corn on the grill), and we ask friends to bring their main to grill.  Much easier than trying to cater to the vegetarian, lacto intolerant, gluten intolerant friends that we have!  For the movie, we made a bunch of popcorn, and I bought a ton of "movie candy" (the movie size individual boxes) at the grocery store on sale.  Went off without a hitch and I think all in all, a great day!

In amongst the prep, I decided to pull together a few jars of refrigerator pickles from Smitten Kitchen's recipes.  New to me, spicy sugar snap peas.  Can't wait to try them when they're ready in a few weeks!

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