The gift of giving

I love giving gifts. I love them big and small. Whether it's a new car (oh how I wish I could be Oprah!) or just a token to let someone know I'm thinking of them, I love giving gifts. I love listening to friends/etc and hearing little hints of things that they might like, and then I love tracking down the appropriate item!   

Well, I got a little foiled on a gift recently.  After a friend professed her love for mojitos, I realized that she and her husband didn't own a proper muddler, so I found a good one and prepared to surprise her.  Well, I shouldn't have told her, in the first place, that there was such a thing called a muddler.  She ended up buying one for herself.  Hmph.  

Anyway, I found a replacement gift and decided to make her some napkins as well.  Skip to My Lou has a great tutorial for mitered corner napkins

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