A for effort, F for outcome

Big fat fail last night.  I signed up to help in a charity bake sale and then made plans for the night before.  Unbeknownst (how great is that word?) to me, Rush also signed up to bake.  To ease the load on ourselves and the oven, I tried to get my stuff out of the way last night.  

A couple years ago, I found the most delic pumpkin cookie recipe.  The cookies are like little cakes, and the brown butter icing is 100% perfect on the cookies.  So that would be my contribution.  I gathered all the ingredients and set to baking.  And then something went HORRIBLY wrong.  The oven seemed to become possessed and shot up to almost 500 degrees (from the 375 I had it set at) and the cookies burned.  I fought with the oven to try to get the temp down and to stay down and burned the second batch.  Rush walked in the door to me almost in tears and also furious.  Nice combo.  

A for effort, F for outcome...

Just before the slaughter of these perfectly good ingredients...

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