Labor Day for Real

As I've mentioned before, Rush and I have a different idea of leisure time.  He likes to go outside and bike, hike, run, climb - sometimes all in the same day.  I feel best when I go do those things AFTER I accomplish something productive like laundry, cleaning the house, making some throw pillows or cooking something. Somehow, we manage.  It takes a bit of compromise on both our parts.  And sometimes, we just have to go our own way.  

We accomplished (with a minor failure) one project this weekend.  After seeing the idea in Martha's mag (I believe), we figured that painting just the inside bit of the doors in the bedrooms would give the rooms the splash of color that we don't dare paint the walls.  I left Rush to do the taping, and I made pesto.  Not a good division of labor, it turns out.  Believe me, the pesto was great, but the taping could have been better.  I guess we (I) will be doing some touch up...

New pop o' color
In need of some cover up - just like under my eyes

And then I tackled a silly project which only took a 20 minutes or so.  Organize the bookshelf!  I love it.  Absolutely love it.   And no, Olive did not stay put for the entire process.  At least I managed to pick up the toy for the After pic!



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