Projects, New and Old

I find that I fall in love with certain things and stay in love with them for a long time (the salad we eat every night, my husband, sunny mornings) and other things have only so much staying power (the color brown, white walls, air conditioning).  Ticking stripes?  Ticking stripes fall into the eternal love category.  

I needed a passport cover because, well, why not?  I was intrigued by the Design Sponge tutorial for a hand-sewn leather passport cover but after visiting a national leather work shop, I was told that there are very few places to actually buy small amounts of leather.  So I rather uncharacteristically gave up on the dream of slightly beat up brown leather cover with turquoise -- no -- hot pink stitching.  Normally, I would forge ahead despite the cost or inconvenience.  Right now, I just don't have that kind of energy.  Live simply (and realistically).  So I turned to ticking stripes.

The other thing I managed was to actually take a picture of the paper wreath I made and finally hung.  Yep, I made this in March and hung it in August.  Lame.  The Living with Lindsay Tutorial is still up, and it's a good one.   

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