I'm happy to be home for the next two weeks and to get back to cooking. We've been trying to eat pretty light and do a meatless meal at least once a week (hence Tofuesday), so Rush requested one our new favorites: peanut sesame noodles with panfried tofu. Can't remember where the original recipe came from but Smitten Kitchen's got a great one -

A la Smitten Kitchen
I like to use real buckwheat soba noodles (available practically everywhere these days) and use high protein tofu. I get mine at TJ's, but I've found it in the grocery too. Extra firm will do, but I usually put it on a plate in the sink with a heavy pot on top to push out some more water and get an even firmer texture.  I then cut into tab size pieces (maybe 2" by 1" by a few millimeters thick), toss on some sesame oil and salt and pepper and let sit for a few minutes while I cut veggies.  I then pan fry for a few minutes to get 'em kinda crispy and toss on top of the noodles when it's all done.  So good, pretty healthy, and even better the next day. 

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