It's Monday?  What the?!  I have no idea where the weekend went and just had to review my photos to remind myself what I did with the 2 days.  Dinner at our favorite (because it's the only) Korean restaurant in the area, errand running, burgers and the Gold Cup soccer match, and a busy Sunday.  I got it in my head that we needed to move some plants around in the front yard.  One had grown too giant for it's place, and we split up some grasses.  I just hope everything survives!  In amongst all of that, I managed to accomplish at least a few goals:

1) Build an Olive-proof fence for the garden.  I will love her more if she stops destroying my veggies.

2) New running shoes.  Perhaps I can avoid some blisters!

3) Pickling!  Can't wait to try them!

The jars were a lucky find at TJX

Onions for carmelizing
Odog in the backyard

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